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Why are Pickleball Paddles Square?

Middle aged men playing pickleball in an open court.

Perhaps you have only recently heard of pickleball. This sport is taking North America by storm. It is the fastest-growing sport, and it is all the rage. If you have not heard about pickleball, this is an excellent place for you to start. If you do know what pickleball is, you may not know much about pickleball paddles.

There are a variety of paddles available to you. You may have difficulty deciding which one is the best one for you. This article explains the square Pickleball paddle and gives you all the information you need to make the best choice.

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Why is a Pickleball Paddle Square Shaped?

A woman holding a square pickleball paddle.

The traditional and standard pickleball paddle is square and about 16 inches long. They are also about 7 to 8 inches wide. They are bigger to provide a more circular center of gravity. The center of gravity is typically in the middle of the face of the paddle. The pickleball paddle is square to give the player better control, power, and an improved balance of reach.

Advantages of a Standard Square Paddle

A woman holding a standard pickleball paddle.

The standard square paddle is what most picklerballers use when they are first starting to play. These paddles are easy to find and have plenty of affordable options. There are many reasons why pickleballers benefit from the square shape of the paddle.


While you can find paddles in different weights, the square paddle is often more lightweight than other options. When you use a lighter paddle, it helps to reduce strain, fatigue, and injury. In addition, these paddles help you to move faster and be more agile. This is beneficial when playing the kitchen line.

Sweet Spot

Square paddles have a more prominent sweet spot. This gives you more room to hit the ball, making it less likely for you to have an error. When you hit the ball with the wrong part of your paddle, it usually goes off somewhere that you did not intend. The larger sweet spot allows you to have better control and hitting accuracy.

Easier to Use

The square paddles are slightly smaller, which makes them easier to move around. This helps give your game some fluidity and finesse. A square paddle is ideal for those that are new to pickleball and younger players. In addition, a square paddle allows you to get used to playing the game before you move to a larger or heavier paddle.

What are Elongated Pickleball Paddles?

Elongated Pickleball Paddles on a white background.

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Square paddles are not the only type and shape of pickleball paddles. You can also use an elongated paddle. These paddles are typically 17 to 24 inches long and 6 to 7 inches wide. These paddles have an elongated center of gravity. Sometimes this causes your paddle to feel heavy on the top or bottom. These paddles are newer to pickleball but quickly became a favorite for all types and skill levels of players.

Advantages of Elongated Paddles

There are many reasons why pickleball players are switching to an elongated paddle. Some of the benefits of these paddles include the following:

More Power

An elongated paddle has a smaller and tighter sweet spot. A tighter sweet spot gives you the ability to get more jump from the paddle when you are hitting the ball. This is ideal for returning overhead smashes and driving the ball.

More Reach

An elongated paddle has a longer length, which gives you greater reach when playing and returning shots. This allows you to cover more areas of the court. These paddles are ideal for players that do not have the best mobility. If you do not have the reach you need to get to some areas of the court quickly, this type of paddle is a great option for you.

Closely Resemble Other Racquets

The elongated paddle is most similar to racquets from other sports. However, some pickleball players may find these racquets more familiar and comfortable, especially if they have played tennis or racquetball in the past.

Which is the Right Paddle For Me?

A Pickleball player playing singles on the court.

You should consider the shape, size, and weight when deciding which paddle is right for you. These features factor into what is best for you and your game. The paddle that feels the most comfortable is the best one for you.

How Do I Know Which Weight is Best for Me?

Two woman playing pickleball with heavy paddle.

Typically, pickleball players find a paddle weighing around 7 to 8 ounces feels the best for them. The heavier the paddle is made, the harder it is to control. However, when your paddle is too light, it can be challenging to get enough power from it. A paddle that has a smaller grip is usually easier to control. A paddle that has a larger sweet spot helps you generate the most power.