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How to Organize a Pickleball Tournament?

Four players compete in the mixed doubles division of a pickleball tournament.

Pickleball requires less technique. Players indulge in the game right away and have fun. It’s very friendly, and mixed doubles is the premier category.

In terms of infrastructure, a net and the markings on the ground of a badminton court are sufficient. These have to be taken care of before the tournaments or games begin.

The Benefits

A senior athlete hits a shot in a pickleball tournament.

Pickleball tournaments take some effort to organize. It is a great addition to activities in different communities around the world, especially in anticipating the competition and exhilaration for players and spectators alike. The tournaments provide the community with a great opportunity to engage people in friendly competition.

These may be people you wouldn’t ordinarily see as players in any sport or game. It is also an opportunity to meet new friends and watch the game in a safe environment. Even with technology assisting the supervision of the tournament, ensuring that things run smoothly by planning and preparing beforehand, there can still be things that go wrong.

Below are some suggestions and recommendations if you plan to organize a pickleball tournament.

The Location

An aerial view of pickle ball and tennis courts.

Location is key, especially if you are looking for good attendance from the community at large. Where the tournament is played does make a difference for more people to show up. Therefore, that is the first thing to consider.

When you find the right location, everything else will be planned around that. Of course, the location requires that you find the right pickleball court. You can opt for a lined tennis court too.

Remember, pickleball requires a specific type of court to play and this may not be easy to find in certain locations. When choosing the location, ask yourself:

  • Are there sufficient parking spaces for the players?
  • Is there room for people to relax between games?
  • Are there bathroom facilities close to the pickleball court?
  • Is there space to put up tents for shade?

Medals and Awards

Sports medal on the table.

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Another aspect of a pickleball tournament are the medals and trophies for the winners. This is a given in any sports tournament. Giving awards to the winning team and players plays a big part in their accomplishments.

As a tournament planner, it requires prior arrangements for the medals and trophies to be made. These come in various sizes and shapes as well as prices. Some can be made locally, but there are others that may need to be shipped.

Give yourself ample time for this, but not too early, since you don’t know exactly how many players will register.

The Gears

Young man and woman playing pickleball tournament.

For every tournament, gear is important. Most pickleball players wear t-shirts to play. You can upgrade the t-shirts by adding the team’s logo and slogan.

However, t-shirts have to be purchased beforehand so you can get the logo and slogan engraved for each player, possibly with their names on it too. Having all players in the same gear makes everything look uniformed and organized.

Deadline for Registration

Another essential part of planning and organizing a tournament is ensuring that there is a deadline. This provides people with the date when they must register. You can do early registration and late registration, but make sure that both have a deadline.

Early registration provides you with enough time and information to order the awards correctly.

The Committee

A lady pickleball competitor looks over a tournament bracket.

It is also important to have a committee to help you plan the tournament. The committee should consist of the decision makers, and leaders who will help to organize:

  • Volunteers
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Player check in
  • Awards
  • T-shirts

Final Thoughts

Use these suggestions and recommendations to plan the next pickleball tournament. You will be able to be organized for the most part and have a smooth-running tournament that everyone can enjoy.