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6 Different Types of Pickleball Ball Picker Uppers

Pickleball balls on a cart basket.

Have you found yourself loving the game of pickleball? If you are like most, you decide to try this game one day only to end up loving it. One of the downsides to playing is having to pick up the balls after you are finished playing. Depending on many factors, there could be a lot of balls lined up on the ground.

After playing pickleball, the last thing you want to do is bend down to pick up all those balls. Ball picker uppers are just the piece of equipment you need to make this easier. There are many options available to you. This article contains all the details you need about pickleball picker uppers so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Types of Pickleball Ball Picker Uppers

There are many ball picker upper options. You can find options that pick up one ball at a time. There are others that pick up multiple balls. You can create your own or purchase one in the store. The options are endless, and you are sure to find one that meets your exact needs.

Dustpan Picker Upper

Quickie Debris Dustpan with Handle, Jumbo Debris Pan

A dustpan picker upper is a DIY version of a picker upper. This is an inexpensive way to collect your balls. As you play pickleball, you will see that often the balls collect around the fence. As a result, you may have to bend over to pick up a lot of balls at the end of your play or practice time.

A dustpan is a great way to pick up a lot of balls without having to bend over. All you do is push the scooper against the fence, and it collects a bunch of balls quickly and easily. You can also use it for just one or two balls.

Then, when the scooper gets full, you take it over to the cart and dump the balls into it. This method saves time and prevents backache. You can pick up 200 balls in less than two minutes.

The best part about this picker upper is you can get a job site dustpan to handle the job. These dustpans have a long handle, so you do not have to bend over. All you do is scoop. You want to find one where the dustpan swivels and locks into place so you do not lose any balls while collecting them or taking them back to the bin.


ONCOURT OFFCOURT Tennis Multimower - Tennis Ball Mower & Teaching Cart - 300 Ball Capacity, 2 Baskets - Easy to Transport - Jam-Free - Hinged Arms to Pass Through Gates - Weatherproof Cover Included

A multimower is a cart that has tiers. The top tier of the cart can double as a teaching cart, making this ball picker upper more functionally and useful. Moving around the cart and positioning it where you need it is easy. In addition, it has a ridged roller on the bottom, allowing for effortless and smooth pickup of your pickleball balls.

A multimower has two extra wheels in the back that help you move it over sidewalks and bumps. On the ground, it has levers that are pickup arms to pull balls into the cart. These arms fold in smoothly to allow the multimower to move through gates and smaller areas. For example, you can pick up balls along the fence and the net.

Pickleball Master Course by Steve Dawson ($199)

While this picker upper was first designed for tennis balls, it quickly picks up pickleball balls. This piece of equipment can be used for outdoor and indoor courts. You can use it on any type of court surface.

They are rust-resistant but not rustproof and cannot be left all the time outdoors. You can find these ball mowers in different sizes to accommodate your needs. They come apart and fold up easily to make transporting them a breeze.


Silfrae Tennis Ball Pick Up Tennis Ball Picker Black

A MultiRoller is a great way to pick up pickleball balls. Instead of it feeling like a chore, you can actually have fun while picking up your pickleball balls. It is easy to operate as you roll the picker upper back and forth to collect the balls. This versatile piece of equipment can pick up many types of balls, including tennis balls. In addition, you will not have to bend over or hurt your back while doing it.

There are many variations and sizes of the roller. The size of the basket indicates how many balls you can collect. You can expect to average about 60 pickleball balls. Any variation you select has a long handle to help you easily maneuver the picker upper.

Pickle Tube Picker Upper

LITIAN Pickleball Balls or Tennis Ball Picker Hopper Tube for 15 Balls-Lightweight Durable Easy Ball Collector, Carrier, and Dispenser, with Shoulder Strap

A ball tube is a well-loved type of equipment. They are effective, easy, and can be fun to use. This is one of the reasons why people love using ball tubes as a method for picking up their pickleball balls. This equipment is ideal for any user, from the professional player to the student.

This ball tube can stand up easily as long as the surface is flat. Depending on the size of the ball tube, it can hold a different amount of pickleball balls. You will find tubes that can hold 15 balls and some that can hold as many as 35 pickleball balls. These tubes can be used on both indoor and outdoor balls. The balls are sucked into the tube and will not fall back out.

When the ball tube is full, you can turn the tube upside down to deposit the balls into a bucket or hopper. These tubes are lightweight, so anyone can carry them around to pick up pickleball balls. In addition, they are durable and long-lasting.

You may need to give your ball tube a little shake to help the process of picking up the balls. Some ball tubes have a hook that is built into the tube, allowing you to hang it on a fence to keep it out of the way when you are not using it.


GAMMA Sports Hi-Rise 75 Tennis Ballhopper, Heavy-Duty Tennis Ball Pickup Caddy, Gold

A picklehopper is a hopper or basket that has a glide bar at the bottom of it. The sliding bar makes it easy to pick up the balls and collect them in the hopper. The glide bar is durable and robust, so it will not bend while collecting balls. Using a pickle hopper should be effortless when picking up balls. It has the capacity to hold 60 balls.

Picklehoppers are convenient and safe. They have a hinged lid to keep the balls securely contained inside. The lid is easy to flip up and get access to the pickleball balls.


PickleUpper The Original Pickleball Ball Retriever - Attaches to Pickleball Paddles - The Easy Way to Pick Up Pickleball Balls Without Bending Over - Fits Standard Paddles

A pickleupper is a great piece of equipment to help pick up the balls for pickleball. This ball retriever attaches to the end of your paddle to help you pick up a single ball without having to bend down to big up the ball. This is an excellent tool for the advanced and frequent player, but also ideal for the occasional player.

As you play pickleball, you probably have come to realize that you have to bend down often to pick up your ball. The pickleupper stops all the bending.

This tool allows you to pick up your ball at any point quickly. It helps you conserve energy since you do not have to spend it bending down to pick up your ball. This tool is an attachment to your pickleball paddle. It is small and rubber that can easily be twisted on the end of your paddle in no time. The opposite end of the pickleupper has a suction cup that grabs the ball.

You turn your paddle upside down and press down on the top of the ball. This tool allows you to pick up one ball at a time. You do not use a large amount of grip to use this tool, so you will not waste any energy that you need to play.

What is the Best Way to Pick Up a Pickleball?

Pickleball balls on a tube.

There are a number of options when it comes to picking up your pickleball. Your needs will determine which is best for you. For example, if you only need to pick up one ball at a time, then a small pickle hopper or pickle tube may work well for you. On the other hand, if you want to pick up a large number of balls, you might need something more robust to pick up multiple balls simultaneously.

How Much Should I Expect to Spend on a Pickle Upper?

You can find affordable ball picker uppers for around $10. They are great for individual players that only need to pick up a few balls. However, for those that need something more robust, you can find more durable options that might cost as much as $150.

Can I Make My Own Picker Upper?

Yes, you absolutely can make your own picker upper. You can make one with just a few supplies and quick, easy steps. There are many videos online that show you step-by-step how to make your own.

What Pickleball Picker-Upper Do the Pros Use?

Pickleballs on a metal basket.

Pickleball is taking over North America. It is one of the fastest-growing sports with millions of players. Each month more people join, and more people become professionals. When you are new to Pickleball, you want to get the best equipment you can. One of the top accessories that professionals use is a ball picker upper. No one wants to continue to bend down to pick up their balls.

The PickleUpper is a simple accessory that works so well that it will shock you. It is affordable and straightforward to add to your paddle. You can pick up one ball at a time quickly and effectively. If you want to play like a professional, you should get this piece of equipment to use as part of your everyday playtime.