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5 Different Types of Pickleball Bags

A woman carrying a duffle bag out of the gym.

There are five types of pickleball bags, namely: tote bags, duffel bags, sling bags, backpacks, and fanny packs. These bags can be used for small items and full gear, similar to other sports. They are also widely available in different brands and designs.

Pickleball is an incredible ball game that falls between ping-pong, badminton, and tennis. However, if you are looking to understand the exact pickleball rules, this is not the post, but I can help you with getting the right bag for your gear and supplies. This is important because we can accumulate a lot of gear pretty fast.

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Here is a broad list of what we pack into our pickleball bag, and whatever else you may consider a necessity. Of course, some things are more essential, so keep reading to ensure you don’t leave anything vital behind.

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Types of Pickleball Bags

Sling bags, duffle bags, totes, backpacks, and fanny packs are the five types of bags that we use for pickleball games. The fanny packs are usually used in tandem with one of the other bags as it carries essentials that we want to access quickly.

1. Sling bags

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The most typical form of pickleball bag is a sling. You may use these with your pickleball paddles because of their teardrop form.

Even though they lack the organization of backpacks, they serve their purpose admirably. Your equipment will just be co-located with other people’s.

The smaller size of the pockets is ideal for storing things like keys, a cell phone, and a snack bar. The bags are convenient for players who like to “sling” their belongings over their shoulders as they leave a game.

2. Duffle Bags

Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag (Lime Green)

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The roomiest and most versatile pickleball bags are duffle styles, which may also be used as gym totes. Sharing a bag with a friend or carrying a large number of extra paddles as well as balls to the court both make this a viable option.

You can bring your pickleball gear, as well as extra clothes and a towel. This is the bag we’d choose to bring to a pickleball competition.

3. Tote Bags

Ame & Lulu Pickleball Tote (Grey Camo)

If you’re seeking a more fashionable way to transport your pickleball necessities, go no further than our high-quality tote bag.

This pickleball bag has room for 4 paddles, one water bottle, as well as a towel. A handbag function is possible as well. The catchy motto will undoubtedly spark some interesting discussion.

4. Backpacks

Pickleball |"All-In-1" Backpack - It’s perfect size will hold multiple Pickleball paddles and gear. Black & Grey

A backpack allows you to keep your hands free while carrying a lot of stuff. Anyone who rides their bike to the pickleball courts will appreciate this. These bags are outfitted with numerous compartments and zippers to accommodate your gear.

They’re large enough to hold even the biggest pickleball paddles in both width and length. However, it is light and easy to take along.

5. Fanny Pack

Pickleball Fanny Packs Travel Waist Pack For Women Men Crossbody Bag Sling Pocket Belt Bag With Adjustable Strap For Casual Running Sports

If you need something smaller than a backpack, a fanny pack is perfect for your pickleball gear. One is available for you to wear during the big game! Our paddle won’t fit in here, however, fanny packs are useful for keeping smaller goods close at hand.

Even if you have to twist and jump, your pickleball will still be safe. Picking up balls is a breeze, allowing for a quicker game.

What Do I Need to Pack in My Pickleball Bag?

If you plan on playing pickleball regularly, you should invest in a bag to carry your equipment. And since that’s the case, you should always have one on hand before a big game or practice.

From my perspective, a pickleball bag should contain the following items.

Set of Pickleball Paddles

Different types of pickle ball paddles on a white background.

It’s so simple that it almost seems silly to mention. Of course, if you’re going to a tournament, you’ll want to bring your paddles, but if you’re just going to a club to get some practice, you should bring them along, too.

If you want to improve in pickleball, you need to experiment with different paddles to find the one you like best (here is our advice on how to pick the best paddle).

You should also aim to invest in a minimum of two paddles because accidents happen and you wouldn’t want to be caught without any equipment. Having different kinds of paddles, like a power paddle and a control paddle, can be useful as well.

You can try out several strategies until you find the one that best suits you. If a match isn’t going well for you, having an extra paddle or two gives you the option to switch things up.

Pickleball Balls

2 plastic pickleball balls left on the court.

You might be wondering why it’s necessary to bring your pickleball when the hosts of your club or tournament will undoubtedly supply you with plenty. It’s not hard to understand why.

The balls don’t take up much room in the bag and aren’t too expensive, but there’s always the danger that Murphy may strike and you won’t have any when you need to practice out of turn.

So, bring a pair of these along and utilize them if necessary on a cloudy day.

Our Water Bottle

Yes, rehydration is crucial, but there shouldn’t be any trouble obtaining water court-side or in clubs. However, bringing one’s bottle of water is essential so that it can be refilled at the cooler.

Medical Essentials

Bandages or band-aids to halt minor bleeding and pain relievers or anti-cramping medications are essential in case of any hits while playing.

Although there will likely be a first aid kit available at the location, it is a good idea to bring one’s own just in case.

Towels of Various Sizes

A man holding a towel and a water bottle.

Don’t let your sweat run onto your paddle or make things too slick for you to control your shots. If you’re taking a shower after the game, a couple of tiny towels will do you just fine, but you’ll need a larger one for the rest of the match.

The pandemic has made people afraid of sharing items, so players now nearly always bring their towels to a pickleball match.

Overgrip for Paddles

I mentioned sweat earlier; your paddle’s overgrip may get drenched if you play for an extended period.

Carrying an additional overgrip in your pickleball bag is a good idea because, in addition to sweat, overgrips have a life of their own and can come undone at any time during a game.

A Change of Clothing

You should dress differently for travel/ commuting than you do for play. You wouldn’t want to transfer your unpleasant body odor to your automobile seats, and neither would anyone else.

A Guide to Pickleball Bags and Their Features

Pickleball Bag Types

Drawstring bags on the wooden background.

You can choose from a variety of pickleball bags. Drawstring bags, which often have fewer compartments, are the simplest and cheapest option. While most drawstring bags aren’t made for a single sport, certain drawstring bags for pickleball may come with a dedicated compartment for storing balls and other gear.

Sling bags, in comparison to drawstring bags, have additional storage space and conveniences. Sling bags are shoulder bags that only require one hand to carry. They typically have specialized compartments, such as a place to store a water bottle and a pad to support your back. The best choices feature a strap that we can switch to wear over either shoulder.

You can compare a pickleball backpack to a sling bag, except that it often has two straps and is larger. If you routinely bring a lot of equipment to the court, a backpack is a handy accessory.

Moreover, you may get pickleball-themed tote bags. You can carry all your essentials in style with a tote bag, and they usually include several different pockets for all your belongings. This is because they are the ones more likely to have a spot set aside for electronics like tablets and smartphones.


A tiny drawstring bag would suffice if you need to transport merely a pair of pickleball paddles and balls. Even though bigger backpacks and sling bags add extra weight, they are essential for transporting and storing several items. Most consumers favor sling bags and backpacks that are 19–20 inches in height and 12–15 inches in width.

Tips For Choosing A Good Pickleball Bag

Many Compartments

Customers that prefer a little amount of organization and are fine with storing their paddles, balls and other gear together can go for drawstring bags. The best sling bags and backpacks include separate sections for paddles, balls, towels, and valuables. Any decent bag will have at least three compartments for simple storage.

Pickleball Bags With Security and Cellphone Slots

Pickleball bags with extra compartments are worth considering if you worry about losing or damaging your electronics, keys, and other belongings while you play. Smartphones can be safely stored in special pockets constructed from scratch-resistant plastic and felt. The bag has secret compartments on the rear for further safety.

Pickleball bags With Water Bottle Holder

Staying hydrated is essential for peak performance, and a water bottle holder makes it easy to reach for a drink whenever you need it during play. Bottle-specific exterior pockets on bags are more practical than standard bags’ main compartments for carrying water. The majority of bottle holders are made from mesh, and some even have a cable lock to keep your water bottle in place.

Tear and Water-resistant Pickleball Bags

Rip-resistant fabric is less prone to tear, while water-resistant material helps keep your backpack and its contents dry during a wet game. A longer-lasting and more sturdy bag might be expected from one made from heavier material.

Pickleball Bags With Back Support and Straps

Sling bags with adjustable or reversible straps are convenient because they may be slung over either shoulder. Most pickleball bags also feature shoulder straps with padding for carrying comfort. When shopping for a comfortable bag, it’s crucial to make sure it has padding throughout.

Pickleball Bags With Fence Hook

Boomer Pickleball Paddle Carry Case - Keep Your Paddles Clean, Dry and Protected - Convenient Carrying Strap and D-Clip for attaching to Fences and Hooks.

Bags left on the ground throughout a pickleball match increase the risk of damage, and players must get down on the ground to fetch their equipment or valuables. However, not all bags come equipped with such a fence hook. It has fence hooks on the bag’s top. You can attach them to the court’s fence at a convenient height and hang your luggage there.

The History of Pickleball

A small Island in Bainbridge in Washington.

You might be baffled by the name pickleball. Absolutely nothing to do with fermenting cucumbers. In the summer of 1965, three friends on the island of Bainbridge, a short ferry journey from Seattle in the U.S. state of Washington, created the sport now known as pickleball.

Among the three men was Joel Pritchard, a Congressman in Washington State, and they set out to make a game that would keep kids of all ages entertained and their entire family could enjoy it. It’s said that Pickle, the family dog, kept rushing after the ball and then losing it in the bushes.

That one was “Pickle’s ball,” as the saying goes. Pickleball is the name that eventually stuck to this game. Another theory about the origins of the name pickleball proposes that it was taken from the phrase “pickle boat,” which is used in rowing.

The oarsmen in such a boat are either extras from other crews or people who were not needed on their boats. Pritchard’s wife Joan, a skilled rower, felt the term “pickleball” was fitting because of the sport’s fusion of elements from several games.

The Pickleball

It’s solid, void, and perforated with holes. There are specific varieties for both indoor and outdoor use.

From novices to pros, stores have a variety of paddles that will provide you with the touch, grip, as well as the force you need to play pickleball.

The Pickleball Court

A pickleball net in an outdoor court.

Both singles and doubles play take place on a court of identical dimensions. The dimensions are 44 feet in length and 20 feet in width, making it a rectangle. The net’s outer edges should measure 36 inches, with a thinner 34-inch section in the middle.

Keeping Score

The winner is the first team or player to score 11 points while leading by at least two. When you or the team is serving, you have the opportunity to score. When a team’s first server makes a mistake, the second server takes over and keeps serving until they, too, make an error.

The serving then switches to the opposing team. You should always start by announcing the server’s score, followed by the receiver’s, then afterward, in doubles, either one or two, based on which player initiates the point.

Pickleball Bag FAQs

What Makes a Pickleball Bag Different From a Tennis Bag?

A blue duffle bag with straps on a white background.

A. Many pickleball bags can also contain tennis equipment and vice versa; the main distinction is that tennis bags typically are a bit larger. Tennis racquets are larger than pickleball paddles, therefore there is a size disparity between the two. It’s conceivable that two tennis racquets will fit in a bag designed to carry six pickleball paddles.

Can You Tell Me What Kind of Fabrics Make Pickleball Bags?

A. Polyester, a material noted for its durability and adaptability, is used to make nearly all pickleball bags. Quilted polyester is used in some tote bags and is also found in many other types of water-resistant bags.

Where Do People Play Pickleball The Most?

Where it all began, the United States is where pickleball shines most. According to experts, there are over 3 million participants in the United States, making it one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. The New York Times claimed that pickling has become increasingly popular during the coronavirus pandemic because it is a great activity for people who are becoming isolated from one another.