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How Many Lets Can You Have in Pickleball?

Healthy senior woman athlete playing pickleball.

When playing pickleball, I like to perform a let from time to time–even though it is not allowed. What does this mean? Perhaps I am a rebellious pickleball player from the old school.

Either way, you technically can not do a let when playing pickleball. Then what gives–why do they have the move called a let to begin with? Find out the facts about lets in pickleball and what happened to this action as of 2021.

What is a Let in Pickleball?

A retro pickleball player.

Originally, when pickleball first came out in the 1970s, a move called a let was permitted. Up until it became popular in 2020 the game allowed for the let. The let was a “let’s see that again” situation where the pickleball server would accidently hit the net and get a re-do.

In fact, if you did a let serve, and hit the net, the ball could either be played on or needed to be reserved. Also, if you did have a let serve, you were able to do as many let serves as you wanted. There was not a restriction on the number of let serves in a match of pickleball.

Pink Pickleball explains more in-depth about pickleball rules for a let serve. “A let serve means very simply: “let’s try that again!”. Say you have hit the ball.

It touches the top of the net, yet still makes it across the net, beyond the non-volley zone and into the correct part of your opponent’s court. This wouldn’t class as a good serve but it is not a penalty either. The server would be able to play this again.

However, just touching the net does not make it a let serve. It must pass over the net into the intended part of the court.” That is not the case anymore.

A let, which was formerly permitted in pickleball, a game that originated in the Pacific Northwest more than 50 years ago, has been banned. It is a shut out and now if you perform what they once called a let, you will not be permitted to re-serve the pickleball. That serve goes to the other person.

What happens now if you let serve in pickleball?

An attractive senior, playing pickleball, hits a two-handed backhand.

If you have a let serve in pickleball, the ball hits the net from a pervious action and you can continue hitting the ball when it is on your turf, or clay rather. Now, if it hits the net it’s a no-go. You can no longer hit the net with a ball when you’re playing pickleball.

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If the ball bounces off the net it is no longer a let serve, and you do not get to hit it again. You also do not get to re-serve just because you hit the net. In previous decades, a let was a move when serving a pickleball that involved hitting the pickleball into the net in the middle of the court.

If you accidentally bounced the ball off of the net, it was called a let and you are allowed to continue playing the ball. That is no longer the case. If the ball hits the net now it is out of bounds in the no-volley zone aka the Kitchen.

Now, a let serve is a move you’re not supposed to do. Previously you could have as many lets as you wanted to and there was no limit in a game. Today, you can’t have any lets at all as of 2022.

Why are let serves prohibited from continued game play in pickleball?

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According to the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), there were many written complaints by players of pickleball who said let serves should be banned. In the 2021 Changes Document released by the USAPA, “This year [2021], we expect the change to the ‘let’ serve rule to fall in that … have written complaints to USA Pickleball asking that the practice be stopped.”

How many let serves are allowed in pickleball?

None. “A let in pickleball used to be when a serve hit the net but still landed properly beyond the no-volley zone line. However, in 2021 the “let rule” in pickleball was removed completely to preserve the integrity of the game.

Now, there is no let in pickleball whatsoever,” states the Volley Llama.

Does a let count in pickleball?

A pickleball action during a senior tournament.

No, you can no longer use a let in pickleball. The rules have been changed since 2021, and you can no longer use this technique or this move in case the ball hits the net.

What are the pickleball rule changes for 2022?

According to the American pickleball Association there is no let in pickleball as of 2022. You can no longer use a let move at all in pickleball. If you perform a let serve, it will be discounted and considered a foul play and not used in match play.

Can you use 2 paddles in pickleball?

You cannot use two paddles in pickleball. Each player can use one paddle and pickleball per player. Then, there are at least two players per match, which means there are two paddles on the court.

You can also have four paddles on the court because you could have up to four people if you are playing doubles. There’s also the chance of playing with three people, if you are playing a single against a double. That would be three paddles on the court.

However, one person cannot have two paddles at one time. That would be a disqualification as there is no allowance for two paddles.

What are the 5 common faults in pickleball?

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The number one most common fault in pickleball is thinking that you can do a let serve. If you have played in previous years you may have been able to get by with having a let. This is a serve in which the ball hits the net, but you can’t do that anymore.

That’s one of the most common faults is the confusion about a let serve. The second most common fault in pickleball is the pop up ball. If you have an out of control pickleball it’s going to fly away and become a pop up.

You’re going to lose control of the ball if it goes into the no-volley zone or the kitchen, and you will not be able to score. You will lose in that play. The number three most common fault in pickleball is not understanding where the no-volley zone is and the kitchen.

These are both the same distinct areas of out of bounds play for someone who’s playing pickleball. You need to understand what the no volley Zone and the kitchen is so that when you hear someone calling this out you will know what is going on. The number four most common fault in pickleball is thinking that you can use two paddles per player.

You cannot; you can only use one paddle, similar to playing tennis. And the number five most common fault of pickleball is thinking that you can play on the grass. You cannot just go in your backyard and play pickleball.

You need to have a clay court, if you want to set up your own court to play. You can also go to a tennis court and divide it into four segments and use one fourth of the court for playing a game of pickleball. The tennis net is going to be 36 inches in the middle and you really want it to be 34 inches in the center for pickleball, which is 2 inches lower.

Make the net work for you by dividing the tennis court in half and using one side of the net.

Can you let the ball bounce before serving in pickleball?

Yes, you are supposed to let them all bounce one time per side when you are playing pickleball. You have to let the ball bounce before it goes over the net or your play is not in action. The other person will also let the ball bounce at least one time when it goes across the net.

Is the drop serve still legal in pickleball in 2022?

Female Pickleball player in action on an outside court.

Yes, the drop serve is still legal in pickleball as of 2022. You can do a drop serve and allow the ball to bounce once. Then when it comes back up, you are allowed to swing the paddle and hit it.

That’s definitely an allowed serve type, and is a good way to avoid a pop up ball.

Can you yell out to your partner in pickleball?

Yes, when you’re playing pickleball you can yell at people. You can yell to your partner and you will hear people yell things like, “Kitchen!” and “It’s in the kitchen!.”

You are allowed to yell and pickleball you can shout out comments; they shouldn’t be vulgar though.