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Can You Pass the Ball in Pickleball?

Senior men playing pickleball in court.

Pickleball is a newer and exciting game that is easy to learn. It is a cross between tennis, ping pong, and badminton. There are some differences between these games.

The most notable differences are the rules. While pickleball is easy to learn and play, it may take a little time to master because you have to learn the rules. The rules are essential to understand in any game, and pickleball is no different.

This article is going to focus on the basic rules of the game, including if you can pass the ball. Continue reading to find out more details about passing shots in pickleball.

Can You Pass the Ball in Pickleball?

Pickleball mixed doubles action of colorful court.

Passing the ball in pickleball is not the same as passing the ball in a different sport, like basketball. You are not passing the ball to someone on your team to make a play. Similar to tennis, there are no passes between players on the same team.

You do, however, want to create passing shots in pickleball, which is a different type of strategy. You can make passing shots when you play singles or doubles.

What is a Passing Shot?

A mixed doubles team competes in a pickleball tournament.

A passive shot is a winning shot that is beyond the reach of your opponent. It is essential to keep in mind that a passing shot may be a series of shots. A passing shot is an offensive shot and strategy in pickleball.

Creating a passing shot requires patience and control. Patience and control also help you create a solid offensive strategy for your pickleball game. You may find that you have to think ahead to set yourself up for a passing shot.

Not every shot in pickleball is going to be a slam. Some of your strategies may include a few hits to pull your opponent into where you want them and then send them a final shot that they cannot reach.

How To Make Passing Shots?

Female pickleball player hitting the ball with her paddle.

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There are some crucial aspects to creating outstanding passing shots. First, you want to keep in mind that a passing shot is an offensive shot. Therefore, you want to think it all the way through.

It is common for players to rush their shots in an effort to get the point, but that is not always the best technique. When you are taking your time to line up your shot, you also want to ensure that your body and feet are in the proper position and lined up where you want them. It would be best if you direct your focus to your hips.

When you are using your forehand, you want to line your opposite hip with your target. If you are right-handed, the opposite hip is your left hip. When you finish, you want both hips facing the target.

You have some options when it comes to creating shots for your opponent. First, you want to get your opponent to come to the net. While you can certainly make a third drop shot, you will find with a good amount of practice; the passing shot will always win.

Can I Practice a Passing Shot?

Young man and woman playing pickleball.

Yes, and you should. Practice is key when it comes to becoming a great pickleball player. You can use a ball machine to practice.

You can also have a partner in the non-volley zone to practice with you. Then, you want to put targets about a foot in at the sideline and baseline. Then you want to practice hitting the targets.

While doing this, you should be intentional, be patient, and take your time while focusing on your hip placement.

What Else Will Help Completing Passing Shots?

Young man and woman playing pickleball in court.

The ultimate strategy in pickleball is to know your strengths and use them. In addition, you want to understand your opponents’ weaknesses and use them against them. For example, if you see that your opponent has a weak backhand, you want to hit the backhand shots.

The best way to use passing shots is to determine where they have a weakness and work to exploit it. This means you have to be patient and pay attention. You will begin to see where they have weaknesses and play to them so that you are able to play shots that are out of their reach.